About Kevin

Kevin is a journalist based in Hong Kong. He currently works at TIME’s Hong Kong office, with stories appearing on both TIME.com and Fortune.com.

Kevin’s start with TIME coincided with Hong Kong’s political firestorm in late 2016 — a topic which he covered extensively. He has also reported on the city’s ridiculously small dwellings, the export of U.S. electronic waste, as well as how the Chinese gooseberry became the kiwifruit.

Born and raised locally, he is interested in all things #HK. He also pays close attention to news in the wider world, and closely follows the domestic political scenes of the US, the UK and Australia.

His other interests include developments in the media industry, plus bits of tech and business. On the sidelines, he enjoys the company of good food and travel, as well as American late-night talk shows and the occasional television series.

Kevin is a graduate of the Master of Journalism programme at the University of Hong Kong. He also holds a B.A. in English from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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